About Tea Leaf Design Engineer

At Hitotsubo Chaen, we have tea leaf design engineers who can design all kinds of green tea flavors, from leaf tea (tea made by adding hot and cold water to tea leaves) to PET bottles. 

In general, leaf tea is brewed in a single heat to bring out the best of the ingredients. In the case of PET bottles, many different varieties of tea leaves are fired differently to preserve the aroma and taste characteristics, and then blended together to create a tea that tastes good even in PET bottles. There are only a few tea leaf design engineers in Japan who have skills in both leaf and PET bottle production.

In order to make tea that tastes good no matter what temperature it is brewed at, the Hitotsubo Chaen enhances the appeal of each ingredient and brings it to life. The tea leaves are brewed at different temperatures, from low to high, to adjust the aroma and flavor.

The company has conducted sensory evaluations (tests using the five senses) on a cumulative total of 100,000 varieties of tea leaves, and has conducted more than 20,000 fire-firing experiments.


A tea leaf design engineer is like a blender in whiskey. They are also artists who can design tea leaves to suit the scene. They are able to manipulate the characteristics of each tea leaf at will, and are able to make the most of even the sharpest of personalities in a blend.

It makes you want to tell people what you taste. They can give the drinker a pleasant surprise. This is the charm of the Hitotsubo Chaen's tea.