A New Way of Life Begins with Water Delivery

Just add water and tea bags to my bottle. When you want to take a break, a delicious tea is ready.


The advantage of brewing green tea in water is not only the ease of use.

Extracting at a low temperature for a long time reduces the "bitterness and astringency", so you can experience a different, cleaner taste than when brewing in a kyusu.

Green tea is rich in theanine, which has a relaxing effect, and EGC, which boosts the immune system. The aroma of tea also helps to keep your mind in check during your busy day.

Drinking tea from your own bottle instead of a plastic bottle is also sustainable and comfortable. You can also encounter new experiences, such as getting a water supply at a free water spot on the go.

The caffeine content is also reduced when the water is drained, so it can be kept in a 1 liter bottle in the refrigerator as a regular drink for children and family members.