• From "Making Tea" to "Creating Tea"

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Creating the future of Japanese tea by connecting the thoughts of those who make it and those who drink it.

Creating a culture, not just tracing history

People who make tea, sell tea, drink tea, visit the tea production area, become a tea farmer for a week...
It can be of varying depths and sizes. I want to enjoy tea and do something with it.
In order to increase the number of people involved in the tea industry, the "Hitotsubo Cha-en" is trying to connect people and things, and to gather wisdom.

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About "Hitotsubo Cha-en"

It can be made with just water. Tastes great no matter what temperature you brew it at. No need for a teapot, easy to dispose of tea leaves.

By simply "popping a bottle," you can contribute to the future of tea and connect with people and events you never thought you'd meet.

The tea of "Hitotsubo Cha-en" is your passport to such a world.

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The Tea Industry Today and Tomorrow

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About Tea Leaf Designer

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A New Way of Life Begins with Water Delivery

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In a "Hitotsubo Cha-en", we are connected.

The smell of the earth and wind, the sound of birds, the green of the tea fields in the morning mist....
Whenever and wherever you are. When you drink tea, you are connected to the tea fields.

What we are about to do

What we need to create is not a culture, but a culture.

Although we were limited in what we could do due to the spread of the new coronavirus
We are steadily preparing to create the future of tea.

Let's create the future of tea together.

Why don't you join us and create an exciting future for tea? "Hitotsubo Cha-en" is run by a group of pro bono volunteers from various backgrounds who want to connect with the future of tea.

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