SerendipiTea", a regular delivery from Hitotsubo Chaen - Story of May

This is a regular delivery service with a different tea concept and story every month. You will receive an archive of stories starting in April 2021.


The tea for May 2021 is "8821", a new tea for 2021. The 88th day after Risshun is the 88th night of the year, which is the time for plucking new tea. The number "8" is said to be a good omen because it represents the end of the world, and the number "8" is also infinity when viewed from the side. The number 88, a special number for Japanese tea culture, is the name of the new tea produced at the Hitotsubo Chaen (8821 because it is a new tea produced in 2021). (The name is 8821 because the tea is from the year 2021.) With an unusually warm March and a cold April, the new tea grew hard and has a refreshing aroma and flavor.


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