My Bottle is Cool! The "Q-SUI × Hitotsubo Chaen" Initiative

Have you ever heard of Q-SUI, a water supply service to eliminate plastic bottle waste, which is available at over 100 restaurants mainly in Tokyo?


Q-SUI is a service to "save" the earth by fetching high quality water quickly. Why don't you turn your own bottle lying around the house into a baton for the future?

Itsutsubo Chaen deeply sympathized with such thoughts of Q-SUI! When we think about connecting tea culture, we are always looking for sustainable, fun, and cool actions.

My bottle rather than a plastic bottle. We thought that the Q-SUI water supply place would become our own place, and we could propose a more free and comfortable life! We thought that this would be a good idea.


This time, as a collaboration project between two brands that share a common goal, "Q-SUI × Hitotsubo Chaen My Bottle Set" will be sold. Q-SUI and Hitotsubo Chaen are two brands that share the same vision. In addition, you can experience Q-SUI for the first month free of charge. We hope that everyone will try the life with My Bottle and Q-SUI.

Q-SUI × Hitotsubo Chaen My Bottle Set" is here.